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Holo-Flip Silver

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Have you been flipping out yet over our new plate organizer, well, YOU should be!! Show YOUR plates some LOVE ….. and with STYLE!!

The perfect storage solution for your Lina Plates collection is here!! Not only will the Holo-Flip folder keep your plates safe from scratches and bending, but it is also beautiful, super strong, holographic, and has back to back plastic sleeves, which will allow you to easily browse through each and every one of your plates, over and over again.

The holographic/foil faux leather design of the folder isn’t just fancy, it is incredibly versatile too, and built to last! You can take it wherever you go want to go without worry that your plates will get lost or damaged. Holo-Flip is strong enough to be stored vertically or horizontally. This is the stylish and durable plate organizer that your plates will love!